Dating Revelations

Going with the flow is hard thing to do when you are purposefully trying to do that but when you focus on other aspects of your life, you are just happier. As I get further into the school, these are five dating concepts I am truly taking to heart with each passing day.4


1.) Don’t look too far into the future if you aren’t even guaranteed a Friday night in their schedule.

2.) You can admire someone for how cute or nice they are, but if they don’t want you, you don’t allow yourself to want them.

3.) Embarrassment is temporary so don’t be afraid of rejection.

4.) Be confident, be sexy, and be yourself!

5.) At the end of the day value your time alone the most.


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2 thoughts on “Dating Revelations

    1. Thank you!! Sometimes we have to hold ourselves to higher standards and enjoy being single. I don’t even know if they are higher standards as much as ensuring a healthier relationships haha

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