A 2017 Blessing – Lauren Conrad Is Pregnant!

Anyone who is aware of my pop culture obsessions knows that I have a love for the Lauren Conrad. She is a woman who turned a reality show as a teenage into a small empire in her 20s with fashion lines, books and more (hey Little Market)! Today my adoration has gone to another level and 2017 is looking like a great year for us all as Lauren Conrad announced that she is expecting her first child with William Tell! Repeat – there is about to be a Lauren Conrad little one in this world this year!

Why do we love Lauren Conrad and this news so much? The Hills viewers saw episode-to-episode how Lauren has a great combination of common sense, values and loving hard – whether it was friends, guys she was dating or work. She stayed true to herself when dealing with any situation and was a voice of reason that wasn’t afraid to admit when she might have been wrong. From navigating her career at Teen Vogue with Lisa Love and People’s Revolution with Kelly Cutrone to navigating the ups and downs of dating and friendships, Lauren Conrad has felt like someone we all know and might be. The world deserves another her.

Let’s raise a champagne glass today and congratulate Lauren Conrad and William Tell!


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