I was recently asked “why no posts in so long” and that is a complicated answer that I will first make simple by saying, I have worked on balancing everything in my life.

My first semester of college has gone by so fast as I have tried to find new friends, become better acquainted with old friends, strived for good grades, attempted to improve my standing with dating, pursued being more healthy and overall, trying to be happy! As I get ready to go into exam week for my last week of my first semester of college, I like to think that I have improved somehow, even if a millimeter, in these areas. Essentially, I have worked towards finding my new roots in college. Sadly, blogging did take a back seat as I sought out having a nice balance in my life.

Holiday Social

The first subject I am glad to talk about is the amazing semester I have had with FPRA (Florida Public Relations Association) Student Chapter here at FSU. I have learned so much at the FPRA Meetings this semester that will really help me professionally in the future. Our fall trip to Jacksonville not only gave me insight about my future profession but also was a great bonding experience with my fellow freshman on the trip and with upperclassmen. ((along with giving me a few funny stories)) It was so much fun tonight to end our semester with a Holiday Social where we could hang out, give presents, and just laugh with each other. I like hanging out with them not only because we all share similar professional interests but because we share similar personality traits, have different/intriguing stories, and know how to let loose and have fun with each other. They made me feel at home from my first meeting and the trip/social were just icing on the cake for me. When it comes my experience with them, I find the part of my heart that is always social and fun but has a vision for the future.

Jarryd & Danielle- Tim Horton's

True friendship is one of the most important things to have in our lives. Coming to college you have to find a whole new group of friends to hang out with and to confide in. Even though we go to different schools, Danielle Wall continues to be my very best friend as we share our daily anecdotes, rant about the bad moments, and bask in the amazing moments. We share our deepest secrets and some days, I think we wouldn’t make it without each other, especially now more than ever. It has been great to still communicate with my other great friends from Junior Civitan who know and understand this very important part of my high school life and even talk to the my old friends from Pensacola who I have shared history with. As we are put into new settings, new friendships are bred. I have been fortunate to form different connections with people I never would not have met if I didn’t go to FSU. There has been movie nights, game nights, lunches, dinners, random excursions to get frozen yogurt, and just. . .spontaneous times. My point is, if I have learned anything, be willing to put yourself out there to get to know people. Friendships aren’t built-in a day so give them time and once great friendships are formed, try to hold on to them.

 Every week is a little different for me as one week will have twenty things to get done for the week and another week’s list will have: watch the most recent episode of Modern Family or Law & Order SVU. As each week has progressed, I have tried to get to know prospects for dating, keep up with going to yoga, staying involved on campus with Dance Marathon or whatever else, and just having fun. It is hard to balance it all so we just do the best we can. We try to go after our goals and sometimes, it is just not meant to be accomplished for now or there is something better in store for us. “All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”, “To love, and to be hurt often, and to love again-this is the brave and happy life”, and “No trumpets sound when the important decisions in life are made. Destiny is made known silently”.  These quotes most speak to me professionally, romantically, and personally as I journey to find my roots!

***Feel free to give me feedback on my blog: if something spoke to you, annoyed you, made you laugh or even made you smile. You don’t have to comment here (I do love them though); you can communicate with me however you feel most comfortable***


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  1. I loved this. You make an excellent point when you talk about how us FPRA’ers all have many things in common, even aside from our academic ambitions. We all get along so well together, and that is how I have come to be good friends with you!

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