When You’re the Only Single One…

Once again, I fell prey to being randomly left by a friend while their significant other picked them up. When you’re basically the only single friend in a group of friends coupled up, going out can become the bane of your existence.

I’m not jealous of being able to call the other half of a great couple to pick me up, but sometimes life seems easier when everyone mostly or all coupled one. When you’re the single one, who are you supposed to call when you’re ready to be picked up, because everyone else is coupled up and taxis will have you waiting into the next year?

Granted, a couple of times I’ve been privy to leaving friends, while at least texting them I am (because I can’t find them). However, I leave, because 1.) There turns a time where you don’t want to watch everyone else be coupled off. 2.) Sitting across from a couple talking for a long time gets old. 3.) You get tired of watching your coupled friends run off.

I remember sitting across a bench from a friend and their date who decided to join our three musketeers’ night, as another friend was off with her boyfriend.  As the conversation continued with the friend’s date, I knew the night should come to a close. The truth is when I’m left feeling like a third wheel, fifth wheel or alone, I wonder why I even wasted my time coming out.

When we’re single and some of our closest friends are in happy relationships, we have to keep a few dependable single friends in the mix for fun times. Me, Myself and I sometimes need someone else to gallivant with.


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