Be. More. Invested.

On the brink of graduation and truly for the last year I’ve noticed a lack of investment in people when it comes to our platonic relationships and potential romances. I’m not naïve or lacking the idea that all types of relationships are two-way. Too often people want you to meet them three-quarters down the road. This wouldn’t be so bad if we could all admit when we aren’t able to deliver our half and be sincere about it. Be more invested and own the truth of the matter.

Parts of this weekend left my wondering if it is I who attracted a certain people expecting three-quarters down the road to them or do I have high expectations? I feel unapologetic for being willing to invest in friendships when – sometimes I don’t want to do what you want to do BUT I do, because it’s quality time. I shouldn’t mostly be the first to voice missing a friend or liking someone. I shouldn’t need to tell you what you did wrong to upset me, because people should understand when they’re not fulfilling any sort of relationship, especially in comparison to the past.

I am not meant to be called upon when there happens to be an immediate free gap to fill. Am I not worthy of a thoughtful hangout session?

I am not meant to always be the one to mold out of my comfort zone situations. Am I not worthy to be the one comprised with?

I am not meant to be cancelled on moments before or past the clock of the strike. Am I not worthy of a warning, a sincere apology but most of all, the fulfillment of an agreed upon time?

Living in the moment is great, but blind spots to everything going on in your life and how you’re treating your relationships can be detrimental. Be more aware.

When we deliver our half or explicitly acknowledging that we can’t deliver it,  those around are much happier. That’s authenticity. That’s investment.


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