Flirty Friday: “I Promise It Won’t Be Awkward”

IMAG1696_1I visited with the ladies of Skirt PR this morning when Lauren Berg Donovan, the agency vice president, talked about networking. In PR it’s important to foster relationships, but it can be rough starting out. One of her comments reminded me of dating:

It’s a lot of, “Hey, do you want to want to grab coffee? You don’t know me, but I promise it won’t be awkward.”

Whether  dating or networking, we have to put our best foot forward and go for what and who we want.

Before coming to Chicago, I seriously told a guy (whose name I had just learned) “This is going to be so strange, but when I’ve been to X, I’ve seen you working there, and thought you are very cute!”

We have to be awkward and bold at the beginning, to receive the relationships and opportunities we want later.


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