Too Tired, Too Sleepy Or Hungover

20140415_203939She never wants someone to remember her as the one who was too tired, too sleepy or even hungover. Last night Miss America 2014 Nina Davulri mentioned being told some people will only meet Miss America once in their life. Nina realized she would be that Miss America for some people.

We only meet some people once in our lives. I thought why would we want to be remembered as any of those either? Nina reminded me we are representatives of ourselves. Validation doesn’t come from others, but you never know the impact you can have on others’ lives. How we represent ourselves affects how we impact others.

As a young twenty-something I’m now having the internal need to do life right. Soon I will have to journey into a new job, friends, activities and more, which makes me reflect on how everything I’m currently a part of started. I’m recalling that it was my enthusiasm and expectations that have allowed me to have the impact I’ve had so far. I’ve always wanted my energy, my passion and hopefully, intuitive ambition to be what others associate with me. Even when tired, sleepy or whatever else, the light we’re able to radiate shouldn’t be covered by it.

Nina also said, “My personal life is in shambles right now,” and I appreciated that remark. Everything won’t be great and balanced at the exact same time. But as long as we’re putting in the work we’re supposed to, it’s fine. It’s enough.

We’re enough right where we are in this moment.

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