Laugh, Cry & Look Ahead

AtlantaFour years in Tallahassee and three years at the Zimmerman Agency came to a close last week. Another chapter for friendships and new adventures await!

Last week was filled with many laughs and lots of tears. I had many ugly cries while hugging friends and standing from a whole department. I feel grateful and blessed to have experienced such an enriching and happy four years. I’m thankful for all the support from friends and loved ones. It’s cliché but I feel the bonds made will sustain a lifetime.

Today I start a new job, and this week I hope to move into a new home. I’m excited about my life ahead, which will in turn feature many posts about the post-graduation job hunt, dating, friendship, challenges, career and simply, life pleasures.

Wish me luck. Follow the stories and lessons learned. A Touch of Bold takes on Atlanta!


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