Alone in a New City

Alone in a New CityIt’s not per say being alone in a new city that makes you feel alone. It’s the feeling you left a life behind that was yours.

I spend a lot of time outside of work catching up with friends on their latest happenings, updating friends and answering the question, how is Atlanta? For the first time this has caught up to me where I would just love to be able to go over to my closest friends’ homes and chat.

Sometimes it’s the struggle that a life or many alternate forms of that life were stolen from you that leave your questioning things at times. Friends share on social media moments they’re sharing with others instead of you. A past romances are happy in the arms of someone else. You covet others’ work opportunities, because you know they could have been yours. The simple ease of going to your favorite places to eat and favorite bars to drink is gone. The comfort of coming home to roommates who understand all forms of your personality is nowhere in sight.

It’s not being alone in a new city that sometimes overcomes you. It’s that everything about your old life seems to be continuing without you.

But if those experiences were still meant to be had, you would have never left them.

With every great workplace\friend\love story, it takes a little time to introduce the supporting characters and settings in which everything will take place.


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