With the social media we all have to deal with interacting with past exes (hook-ups/partners/ones-who-got-away) that we really don’t want to. However, for the sake of coming off as the bigger person, we accept friend requests and deal with it.


In these cases, the Facebook “unfollow” option and I are well acquainted.  I used this a few months ago when accepting a friend request from a guy who I dated earlier in the year.

If I’m being honest, I was still hurt about where things left off.  Admittedly, I’m a masochist at times and like to social media stalk. But with him I said I wouldn’t do that. Why does it matter? I’m living my life now.

The thing about when you unfollow someone is that you still have to encounter them liking your posts. In this guy’s case it doesn’t always mean the new posts either; it also means older posts.

I found myself wanting to text this guy and ask, why? Why the Facebook stalking? Why make me extra aware of your existence? Why couldn’t you make the effort to see me in that last week before I moved after I laid all my thoughts out?

I stopped myself though.

As an avid Rihanna fan, I remembered this one quote I saw on Twitter: “I’m moving forward in life, only way I’m looking back is if my ass is in the mirror.”

Just because you think about them doesn’t mean it’s meant to be. Unfollow.


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One thought on “Unfollow

  1. Going through this right now with the man who will soon become my ex-husband. He is unclear on my reasons for blocking him on Facebook…..

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