Coworkers Don’t Want to Hear Your Excuse

BowTies&LattesGoing into the second week of my new job still felt like the honeymoon stage where my team and I gushed over each other and wondered how we ever worked without each other. However, there came the day that week where I mishandled an assignment and the honeymoon ended.

Whenever we make a mistake at work, we want to explain what happened to soften the situation, but the thing is, no one wants to hear your story. Even when you’re simply trying to explain your slip up, you sound like you’re making an excuse. The best thing to do is vocalize where you made an error and what you’re going to do to prevent it from happening again.

Providing solutions diffuses the fresh situation, because others will only hear what they want to at that initial moment. Later decide if the back story really matters in the short and long term of your job. Is the battle worth fighting or do you need those resources for the larger war that is your career?


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