Give Your Crush The Green Light

Many of us are scared to crush on someone and feel like you’re chasing after them. Instead you try to do things like casually run into your crush on a Saturday night or drop hints that say, “I’m interested in you!” However, sometimes all these hints seem to go nowhere, and you feel like the situation is in their court. But it’s not! You just have to give your crush the green light.

Giving your crush the green light doesn’t mean you’re chasing after them; you’re taking a risk to get what you want. I believe there are two straightforward ways to give your crush the green light, and while they feel bold, they both get to the bottom of the situation.

  • Ask them out. When you ask your crush out, you’re being intentional with your words and intentional with your actions. It can be as simple as saying, “We should grab drinks this weekend,” or “I’m watching that movie tonight. You should come over! I’m going to X on Saturday. You should join me!” A firm, yet polite, statement shows confidence, and that you’re trying to get to know them. Just don’t be aggressive and be prepared for whatever the answer is. Just be proud of putting yourself out there! The worst case scenarios are:
    • They’re already busy, and anyone who really likes you will try to coordinate another date.
    • They try to rain check you, and my experience says that they probably don’t feel the same way you do.
    • They say no, you tried and you’re better for it.

  • Go in for the kiss. The next time y’all hang out, walk with them to one of your cars or the subway. A couple of minutes before you reach the car or subway station, stop them. Then, slowly, intentionally go in for the kiss. There should be a moment where they know what is happening and can choose to opt in or opt out. Also, you don’t want the kiss to be super awkward by going in for it too suddenly. It’s risky, but nothing says I like you like a kiss. If they kiss you back, cautiously proceed based on if you’re aiming to hook up with them or take them out on a date. If they move away from the kiss, calmly react based on their reaction. They may not be into you, or they may want to get to know you more better before kissing you.

    • Warning: This is better for a crush you personally know, you confirmed that they’re single (Instagram research can count) and you two have flirted with each other.

Even if things don’t work out, now you know how they feel about you. Giving the green light isn’t about chasing someone; it’s about getting clarity and going after what you want – a date, a hookup buddy or maybe even a relationship down the road. Put fate in your hands!


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