The Trick for Improving Your Dating App Prospects


While it’s great to meet someone in real life, I love the possibilities of who you might meet on dating apps. They expose you to people you might not meet on the streets, at bars or through friends – unless you keep asking them to connect you with someone. However, sometimes the dating app well starts looking dry, and you start to think, “Have I gone through all my cute options?!” The answer is basically yes. It’s time to restart!

I love telling my friends to restart their dating apps. They immediately ask, “You can do that?!” I tell them, “Yeah, you delete your profile and start over again!” Restarting a dating app isn’t about clicking some option in your settings. It’s about having fresh eyes on new people and those you already looked at, while also allowing them to see you again.

This all starts by finishing any conversations you’re having that are actually going somewhere. Then take note of the photos you posted, what order your photos are in and what your bio is. Finally, delete your profile completely.

You also might need a hiatus, and this is the perfect time to take it. You won’t miss out on anyone! Maybe your hiatus needs to be as long as a day, week, month, season or only an hour! Once you’re ready, start recreating your profile.

You have to remember though that this is about a fresh experience, and you don’t want to recreate your previous experience. Here are three things to keep in mind.

  • You need a need a new main photo to lead with. If someone comes across your profile again, they should see a different side of your personality or at least you in a different setting.
  • You should have a couple of new photo options in the lineup. While using a new main photo is a good start, shake things up more and think twice about what you can show off. Also, there is no shame in grabbing a friend to do a mini photo shoot with your cell phone one weekend, or their phone depending on who has the better camera.
  • Do something with your bio even if you only say your favorite food, book, TV show or movie. If you don’t have a bio with an actual fact or two about yourself, how is anyone supposed to start a conversation with you, besides, “Hey”?

Life is about growth, and if you’re not happy with the current outcome of a situation then you have to rejigger your odds. Restart your dating app for hopefully a whole new perspective.

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