Why You Should Video Date & Actually Get Ready for It

Communication and connection is so important to me when I like someone. While I don’t need a full-blown conversation every day, I do appreciate a touch point that tells me, “Hey, I’m thinking of you.” However, sending texts day-to-day eventually becomes old, and I want to see your face.

I want to figure out the next time I’m going to talk to you. I’m ready to schedule when I can see you. I’m overjoyed when we make plans. And if you take the lead on making some of our plans, you may have already won my heart. 

There are times though where you can’t see someone in person due to being long-distance or social distancing while living in the same city. This is where video chatting comes in.

I don’t love video chatting, but I’ve become way more open to it. I’m a pragmatic technology user who appreciates how it connects us, especially if it’s helping foster a connection with someone until I can see them in-person. 

However, video chatting can feel awkward, especially when it’s the first time with someone you like. I have found that it’s helpful to get ready for a video date, similar to how you would an in-person date. 

Make an Appointment
Your time is important. Even if you’re quarantined at home all day, you should still schedule a time to talk with your date. You want to make sure you’re setting the foundation of them being intentional about connecting with you and respecting your time when making in-person plans. Additionally, it gives you time to be presentable. However, don’t be too rigid about them being on time for your video date. After all, it should be a low-key experience. 

Set the Stage
Scattered surroundings can lead to a scattered mind. Regardless of if you’ll be video chatting from your living room or from the privacy of your own bedroom (hello having roommates), creating a neat environment helps you mentally prepare. Put away the clothes that are randomly out, clean up that one table or nightstand and grab yourself something to drink. And you never know if you’ll want to give them a video tour of your home, so don’t throw things in a corner.

Fix That Face. Fix That Body
When you look more confident, you feel more confident. You should refresh yourself ahead of your video date by doing part of your grooming routine. From washing your face to brushing your hair, every small gesture will help you feel more excited about your virtual date. Even though it’s a low-key experience, you should still show up as the best version of yourself for the setting.

Get Your Mind Right
Whether I need to be more confident about what a catch I am or less nervous about talking with someone I like, music really helps me get in whatever zone I need to be in. I recommend you pick out a few songs that can help get in the right mood. Music has a transformative effect, so why not pull all the odds in your favor. 

Connecting with someone doesn’t always happen in the way that we want it to. But if we genuinely care about developing a connection, we can’t limit ourselves. Nothing good happens without a little bit of work. 

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