In the Haze

Summer is now here and my first year of college is over. As I sit here in the room of my apartment that shall be my home for the next two months, I can’t help but wonder what is next for me in all the areas of my life. I think this a common question we all ask ourselves as we experience some time of change or transition.

Over the past year, my life has definitely changed for what I think is the better but even when life is at a good place, I still feel a need to strive to reach my “own personal best.” I ask myself, What do I want? What is next? How do I reach it? The truth that I’m coming across now, is sometimes we can’t really see ahead of the day we are in. When we look ahead, all we may see is a haze. Even in that haze, you senses may give you a feeling for what is ahead though.

As we experience something different its interesting how life constantly pushes us to not get too comfortable with where we are in and get to know new people. Just as I get comfortable around the new friends I made at college, it’s time for summer. I could easily sit in my room for the next two months watching tv and movies when I’m not working but I feel the need to dive deeper and get to know those that I don’t know so well and those I think I know. “If a person gives you his time, he can give you no more precious gift.” Someone letting you into their life, to me, is such a rewarding experience to have. Everyone has a story, so I have to remind myself to not be comfortable with where I stand in my friendships and acquaitanceships, but instead try to dig deeper into who they are. Get beyond the haze because in hearing their story, you help shape your future story.
I don’t specifically know what is ahead for me, but I’m excited for this haze to clear and show the road ahead. I aspire to learn so much by working at The Zimmerman Agency, I hope to meet new people, I yearn to get to know even more the people I’ve met, and lastly, I want others to take the time and feel comfortable enough to ask me questions and get to know me even if at random! As I’ve said before, “It’s the moments before you really know someone that are most exciting.”



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I'm Jarryd. When we add a touch of bold to our story, we transform into the person we're meant to be and open doors to opportunities.

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