Tieing Shoe Strings

I share in the common dream with others of “having it all” one day. Some days we are unaware that something happening is about to contribute to achieving that goal, and other days, like today, we know that this event getting ready to take place is a step towards having what we want.

I began today thinking about beginning my first public relations job. My six-week journey of working at The Zimmerman Agency started today and I was so nervous over what would unfold in my day. I wondered if I dressed to impress as everyone wants to on the first day of school, at a new job, or around a new group of people. Along with looking the part I wondered how long it would be before I had a rhythm going at work and wouldn’t need to look down at my notes every time I clipped a publicity hit. With any new moment, I cannot wait for that moment where I’ve come into my own and know what I’m doing.

After starting my day off with Honey Smacks and the Today Show, I went to work  and started to meet a couple of the faces I would be seeing over the next few weeks and I think there is a certain intimidation that goes with being around those who know what they are doing when you are still lost. My official work load began with me having to learn to clip an urgent newspaper article, which I hadn’t been trained how to do so after learning about this, it was now time for the student to become the master and clip his own magazine article. I had a what Oprah calls an AHA moment where as I clipped, I felt this excitement to be doing it on my own and when I said that out loud, Morgan said, Of course you are, you are learning. I forgot that excitement you can have when you are learning something and then can do it on your own, like a child tieing their shoes  for the first time. It was simple by the end of the day but so sensational at the beginning at the day. It is something I never want to forget; we should always feel that thrill when starting something.

After work, I was able to catch up with a friend on the last few months of life and it was nice to discuss all these areas of my life I hadn’t talked about in a while or in a new way with her. What really stuck with me after hanging out with her is the idea of being the master of my fate. For everything thus far, especially with dating, the timing may not have been right but in time it will be. Being the master of my fate is being proactive and I think after recent weeks, I stayed away from my proactive approach on life and even put it to the wayside.

With it being summer now and so many things being different, I say let’s take life by the reins or shall I say the shoe strings. Yesterday can’t be controlled but tomorrow is always a new day to try to have it all.


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