Oprah and Me

“I certainly never could have imagined the yellow brick road of blessings that have led me to this point.” Oprah Winfrey said this statement and it resonates in my heart and mind about my life. My fascination in Oprah is perplexing to some people but to me in so many ways it is simple.

In my nineteen years of life, I have been through a lot, more than many know, but at the same time I’m blessed to have experienced those things and great moments. I think all those things made me stronger, wiser and happier, because if I reflect on them, it helps me co-create the rest of my life, as Oprah says we do. We can let things cripple us and we can choose to sit idle in life or we can grow from every experience. “Every experience teaches you more fully who you really are.”

Oprah considers herself a teacher at heart and I feel that I do learn from her. She helps me have those “aha” and “hmm” moments where she makes you think and learn. I help others have those moments. She gives me “new ways of looking at [my] life”  though “sharing her expressions of passions and concern and vision and hope” when I feel at my lowest or highest, just as I have the chance to do for others sometimes.

Ultimately, Oprah represents my dream for my life. I want to positively impact others’ lives while doing what I enjoy in life, just as she does. I want to spend my life about learning about and from others and be able to do spread that knowledge to others. I have been fortunate enough to do this in the last few years of my life through the activities I was participated in and the friendships I have formed. I look back in awe at some of the places I have been able to travel, the people I have met, and the opportunities I was involved in. Seeing what Oprah has done and knowing what I have been able to do, gives me hope and trust in what is ahead for me. It makes me know that I must take risks and follow that voice from within. “Prepare for Opportunity: There is no luck without you being prepared to handle that moment of opportunity. Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for the moment that is to come.”

I could write an extended essay on how much I admire Oprah, the programs I love that she does, her friendship with Gayle (Oprah’s middle name), but I think her Master Class below overall lets you into her mind and will make you like her if dislike her and love her if you like her.


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