Surrender Yourself

I’m always an advocate of being proactive in getting what we want in life whether it be a job, a date, a position, or any other desire. But what happens when you don’t get what you want? This morning I watched part 2 of Oprah’s Master Class and following a school year with some negative outcomes, the answer of what to do next was finally given to me… you surrender.

We all get stuck in that place of “If they would just change their mind eveything will be okay,” but that’s an unhealthy place to be at. I know I am very guilty of this. I always hope that the decision made will change. Instead I should just surrender myself to letting what happened go. When you do that, it puts you in a better place emotionally and spiritually. What you were holding on for will or won’t happen but when we surrender to move past this, we receive the freedom for something better to occur.

Surrendering is being thankful for having the opportunity overall. You are grateful for the chance to put yourself out there and you are grateful to yourself for being proactive. You let this negative result go and know you will be fine. When you don’t get that job, feel like you can still support the company and be comfortable with saying congratulations to the person who got the job. When you lose part of a competition, feel that you are able to try again next time and positively acknowledge the person who won first place. When you can do this genuinely with anything in your life, then you have surrendered yourself.

After you surrender yourself to the situation, you are allowing yourself to move forward with balance and harmony. With this inner harmony, a week later you could get a different offer from the same company about something even more fitting that you didn’t realize was available, find out about a better position at another company, see that someone else wants to date you, or the person you liked now realizes how great you really are. When we are proactive and we don’t exactly get what we want, let’s just surrender ourself to take in the new possibilities ahead and be proactive in new situations. You and I won’t regret it.

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Thanks to Oprah Winfrey’s Master Class for the inspiration behind this post but also for some of the specific ideas and words such as surrender.


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One thought on “Surrender Yourself

  1. i like that. i always try to do that. i had to teach myself that after some disappointments in my life but it makes getting over things alot easier if u just realize you cant always control everything..

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