Explore All Depths

We really don’t realize how many amazing opportunities and experiences are out there until we are already experiencing them or someone else shares their experiences. Ultimately, we are our own wall from lack of imagination, fear of embarrassment, or lack of belief in ourselves. This past week I had this revelation and realized how I need to explore all depths when it comes to people, places, and just things.The sky is truly the limit but we sometimes stop at the roof.

This summer I’ve went indoor rock climbing which can really push you. While rock climbing last Wednesday I realized how I block myself from doing certain trails by just looking at them and thinking I’m not capable of that. However when I go ahead and actually try it with the support of my friend and others around, I come to know that I am stronger than I think and shouldn’t let that fear of embarrassment keep me from trying an activity.

This week Meredith Viera left The Today Show and Ann Curry is filling that position. While watching the footage of Ann’s journey to this point, I thought how wow, I want to experience a wide array of activities and conversations in my life like she has. It just seems truly fulfilling and like that is what life truly should be. We should share our lives with others, dive into the lives of those around us, have kid moments, have adult moments, but no matter what, we should truly live.

My promise to myself is to be willing to try new things and push myself to the limit and out of my comfort zone. Today I started a dreams and goals journal that lists what I want to do in life. As of now I have 99 things of places to travel, people to meet, and fun, simple or emotionally pushing experiences. They range from traveling to London and New Orleans, to making a scone, to going to hot yoga, to love, to being a part of a missing persons team, to many other experiences that’ll be great to look back on, make me think, and make me feel emotions on different levels.

I believe that my goal in life is to continue to grow, but now I want to make it even better by exploring all depths of life. I need to push myself out of my comfort zone; I need to not let the idea of embarrassment keep me from doing something while coming to understand the world around me. Life is truly astonishing when I let that happen.


I hope you have enjoyed this post! Feel free to comment ((especially with ideas for my journal)), email me, or ask me questions anonymously at http://formspring.com/jarrydboyd.

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