Full Circle

They say everything comes full circle. Today I am packing up my room in Tallahassee to go back to Pensacola this weekend. I didn’t know what to expect when this summer began but I knew this day would come. As my Tallahassee summer ends, my Pensacola summer will begin. I truly feel this is a full circle moment as I take all my learning experiences from my first year in college back to the place that helped form my identity.

People ask am I excited to go back to Pensacola and I have to say it is bittersweet. From my view, Tallahassee is now my home and Pensacola is my hometown. I am going to miss going to work everyday. When I truly think about, what I will really miss is the people I work with. I believe this is true for any situation we are leaving behind or taking a break from. I will miss the people I share an office space with, laugh with, and whisper too about whatever is going on. I will miss that team dynamic that Zimmerman talks about with the clients.

As I go to Pensacola, I am excited to hang out with some of my oldest friends and to spend time with my family. There is something about going back to your hometown that grounds you and reminds of the things you need to try to keep in the back of your mind. It provides you some type of inner strength. I can’t wait for the Steak n Shake nights with my friends, going to Plaza de Luna downtown and watching the sun set at least once, and being back in that Pensacola atmosphere.  I look forward to teaching for my second summer at the Kids’ College for a few weeks and the challenges that will come with that. With more classes and more students this time around, I know this will be an interesting few weeks.Overall, I am excited to return and put everything new into greater perspective by being in this old setting.

Everything is coming full circle and I’m thrilled to find out where my mind and feelings will be in August when it is time to start a new school year. The fall time will be a new game but for now, I will keep enjoying the fun that comes with summer.


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