Accents, Adele, Kinders, OH MY!

I believe best friends are one of the most precious things you can have in this world. I was able to spend almost a week with my best friend in her college town and then go back to the event and organization that brought us together. There were many serious conversations, lots of laughing, random adventures, and just enjoying the company of people I love.

I love my best friend because we are protective of each other in different ways and have fun in ridiculous ways. I would speak in very off Russian accents while watching “So You Think You Can Dance,” pretend be a part of Auburn’s SGA during the new freshman’s orientation pep rally which included me lip synching chants, and Danielle and I would drive down the highway singing the Adele album especially Danielle’s favorite, “Turning Tables.” Even with all the fun activities, there was the simple enjoying of each other’s company watching tv and movies like “Bad Teacher”, cooking together, or her putting me to work to help make key chains for her sororities recruitment week. I love our friendship because we make a great team with our mutual respect and trust, love for the other’s our quirks, and what I only can describe as a little sassiness towards each other. After many days of quality best friend time, it was time for us to take the show on the road back to the event where our friendship began.  

The Junior Civitan International Convention is an event of fellowship and celebration of the past year. Danielle and I went back to this event to see what happened since we graduated but also to see the people we truly love. Junior Civitan is this magical program that gave us all these amazing opportunities such as traveling and we made some fantastic friends along with learned a lot about life and professionally. Two years ago we were eager high schoolers wanting to make a difference. Last summer we were two graduates a little smarter after a long year on the international board but wondering what was next for us. Last weekend we were college students that experienced so much and wanted a chance to see this family of ours. Some of the members of this family have been in our exact steps, some are still on their journey, and others, who might be the most important, are the guides there to keep us on trail and genuinely want you safe and happy. It was great being around our Civitan family from all over including our Canadian part who brought us Kinder candy. We were able to pass along some advice and catch up with those we aren’t able to often talk to extensively. As I look back on those great Junior Civitan years, I am in awe and grateful for the amazing people I met and experiences I was fortunate to have. Also, the love at these events.

This weekend was this closure I needed for some things. At one moment at Danielle’s apartment, we were talking and for those who have seen or read “Eat Pray Love,” I felt like the scene at the end where the woman talks to Ketut, who was a guide to her.  She learned much over the course of her year but she was still keeping herself from complete happiness with love. I’ve wanted to be in love one day again but I didn’t know if I could belived I could go in that direction again. We weren’t even on this specific topic but as we talked, I had the realization and trust that it is possible again. As I was back at the Junior Civitan convention, there was validation of that time I spent as Junior Civitan International President and peace with being a “Has Been.” This trip was so much fun and I learned these things I was not expecting to. I danced, laughed, empathized, and badly sung. I’m one step further in understanding the roots of my life.


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One thought on “Accents, Adele, Kinders, OH MY!

  1. I love you so very much! You are the most amazing person I have ever known and the “ultimate” friend. Much love to you and thank you for the beautiful words. You are the best!!

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