Finding Roots – A Sweet Two Years

Today is the second anniversary of writing Finding Roots! When I started this blog, I didn’t know what to expect, or who would really read it. It turned into a vulnerable, beautiful process allowing me to be connect with others, find myself and be honest. Below are the top five posts of my blog that helped bring meContinue reading “Finding Roots – A Sweet Two Years”

Tuxedo Dreams

I’m convinced that if I were straight I would’ve had the most creative ideas for asking a girl out to prom. Would I still be this creative if I was straight? The world will never know. I didn’t think about this until a friend asked for help in asking a girl to prom. He hadContinue reading “Tuxedo Dreams”

Cruise Control

        When I was in high school I volunteered and was a member of a lot of things whether, Drama Club, Student Government, or Junior Civitan. I kept going and going every day with involvement in all these groups and I had fun. First semester of college was an adjustment period. Your world changes andContinue reading “Cruise Control”

Accents, Adele, Kinders, OH MY!

I believe best friends are one of the most precious things you can have in this world. I was able to spend almost a week with my best friend in her college town and then go back to the event and organization that brought us together. There were many serious conversations, lots of laughing, randomContinue reading “Accents, Adele, Kinders, OH MY!”

Little by Little I Released the Shame

Everyone has a story to tell that is their life and when we learn each other’s stories, we come to truly understand the people who surround us. When watching the Oprah Show Farewell episode, she said, “little by little we released the shame;” I can’t think of anything better to describe the transformation of myContinue reading “Little by Little I Released the Shame”