Christopher Robin Said to Pooh

Loyalty can be a lonely place. Loyalty to your work, and your friendships, and mainly to yourself leads to confusion. The constant struggle to do what is right towards everyone along with yourself eventually leads to choices. Choices changing the complacent present. Even though you know this choice is correct, the future looks hazy andContinue reading “Christopher Robin Said to Pooh”

Staying Afloat

Lately I find myself happy with where life is but I haven’t exactly been challenging myself. I am staying afloat which is dangerous because I am supposed to be growing and taking advantage of all life has to offer. When it comes to taking risks, “the worst that can happen is you end up right backContinue reading “Staying Afloat”

Little by Little I Released the Shame

Everyone has a story to tell that is their life and when we learn each other’s stories, we come to truly understand the people who surround us. When watching the Oprah Show Farewell episode, she said, “little by little we released the shame;” I can’t think of anything better to describe the transformation of myContinue reading “Little by Little I Released the Shame”