Dear Boy I. . .

Dear Boy I Like, Do you know that I am attracted to you? That I think you’re cute no matter what look you happen to have that day. I have a strong inclination you’re gay, but I’m not quite sure. I want to simple ask you if, but I know this isn’t socially acceptable to do.Continue reading “Dear Boy I. . .”

My Admission to Myself

My admission to myself is that I feel constantly lost in this college world. Right now it’s almost 1 a.m. and I sit outside in the cold listening to Adele. I wonder what I am really doing with my life and I have so many fears. I fear getting hurt by guys. I miss havingContinue reading “My Admission to Myself”

Accents, Adele, Kinders, OH MY!

I believe best friends are one of the most precious things you can have in this world. I was able to spend almost a week with my best friend in her college town and then go back to the event and organization that brought us together. There were many serious conversations, lots of laughing, randomContinue reading “Accents, Adele, Kinders, OH MY!”

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

  There is an excitement I get from waking up one morning and knowing that I am going out-of-town that day. Even though I would be very sleepy, I loved waking up before sunrise in Pensacola and heading to the airport. The city would be calm and I knew a day of adventure and thinking was aheadContinue reading “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”