Back to Yesterday

I thought about today so many times. The day my first love would get married. Throughout college as I came to truly embrace my sexuality and date, I didn’t know when gay marriage would become a focal point for my home state, but I knew one day it would happen. \While same-sex marriage was obviouslyContinue reading “Back to Yesterday”

He Ran from Me

It wasn’t that I still had feelings for him or really even hoped the text was true. Seeing those words was surreal. I wanted the truth. I wanted him not to be able to play my heart like it felt like the others did. I wanted to feel desirable – someone attracted to me likeContinue reading “He Ran from Me”

Alone Right Now

I remember walking back upstairs to my room after my mom dropped me off at college. She cried all the way here and as she started to drive off. I remember feeling like we were driving into an unknown. As I walked back into my room and sat down, I thought to myself: This isContinue reading “Alone Right Now”

Finding Roots – A Sweet Two Years

Today is the second anniversary of writing Finding Roots! When I started this blog, I didn’t know what to expect, or who would really read it. It turned into a vulnerable, beautiful process allowing me to be connect with others, find myself and be honest. Below are the top five posts of my blog that helped bring meContinue reading “Finding Roots – A Sweet Two Years”

Three Doors

I feel like I was standing in a room representing my future. There were three doors each representing progress with someone. Guys, or well men for all intents and purposes, stand behind them all. Behind the first was the ever so popular one from my post “He Has a Crush on You.” I could pull openContinue reading “Three Doors”

Dear Boy I. . .

Dear Boy I Like, Do you know that I am attracted to you? That I think you’re cute no matter what look you happen to have that day. I have a strong inclination you’re gay, but I’m not quite sure. I want to simple ask you if, but I know this isn’t socially acceptable to do.Continue reading “Dear Boy I. . .”

Inside My Romantic World

To love and be loved, is that what we all want? Most of my blog posts have barely scratched over the surface of my romantic/dating life for the reason we can all assume, but now I think it is time to cover this unknown part of my life. The past helps us understand the present andContinue reading “Inside My Romantic World”

Potential Happiness with Dating

We all imagine the person we will be with someday. We begin with one perspective on what we want and need in someone else whom we decide to share the rest of our life with. They will have these attributes but they won’t have these habits. They will be this tall but have these features. However, as weContinue reading “Potential Happiness with Dating”