Illuminating Blogger Award Nomination!

Becca with the blog College Life – Sex and Relationships nominated my blog for the Illuminating Blogger Award Thursday, May 31.  Blogs are nominated for their illuminating and informative content. First, I have to say thank you to her for her support. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog continuously and just once. I love sharing myContinue reading “Illuminating Blogger Award Nomination!”


Dear Boy I. . .

Dear Boy I Like, Do you know that I am attracted to you? That I think you’re cute no matter what look you happen to have that day. I have a strong inclination you’re gay, but I’m not quite sure. I want to simple ask you if, but I know this isn’t socially acceptable to do.Continue reading “Dear Boy I. . .”

Inside My Romantic World

To love and be loved, is that what we all want? Most of my blog posts have barely scratched over the surface of my romantic/dating life for the reason we can all assume, but now I think it is time to cover this unknown part of my life. The past helps us understand the present andContinue reading “Inside My Romantic World”