Illuminating Blogger Award Nomination!

Becca with the blog College Life – Sex and Relationships nominated my blog for the Illuminating Blogger Award Thursday, May 31.  Blogs are nominated for their illuminating and informative content. First, I have to say thank you to her for her support. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog continuously and just once. I love sharing my stories, being vulnerable for the benefit of others and connecting with others as I go through my journey of life. Always feel free to comment or give any feedback.

As a part of being nominated I am supposed to share a random fact about me. I’ll share two. The first came to me as I was I was jogging Friday. I have a fear of stepping on drain grates on the street. Every time I step on one, my heartbeat speeds up from the fear that it’ll break and I’ll fall in. I usually try to step on it anyway, because I know it’s slightly ridiculous. The second one is I have a dream song to be my first dance with my husband at our wedding. It’s a song Leona Lewis sings. I like to think that if I feel strong enough feelings to marry this guy then I can imagine dancing to this song with him.

Additionally, as a part of accepting this award, I’m to nominate five blogs I thoroughly enjoy reading and that also has informative content. So, here we go :

Around the World in 365 Days: My friend Travis and his family writes this blog about their year of traveling the world. “A retired Navy dermatologist, an emergency veterinarian, a college-bound high school graduate and a rising high school sophomore boldly go where no family of four has gone before! Hilarity ensues.” Get an inside look at countries and culture around the world.

live. love. learn. breathe: The author writes about her journey through life. “live. love. learn. breathe.” is how she best describes her life. “‘live. love. learn. breathe.’ is my life- filled with flaws, mistakes, and lessons learned.  And this is me: a dreamer, a believer, a hopeless romantic, a cynic, a seeker, a chance taker, an observer…I am who I am.” I appreciate how raw this blog can be.

One Gay at a Time: This blog has already been nominated for the award; however, he is a daily read that I get via email, so I have to share it. I learned about him from Becca’s blog actually and she says it best, “He gives a very honest and open inside view into his dating life as a gay man in New York City.” It can be very sexually graphic at times, but you have to appreciate that about the blog, especially when he finds a good guy to date. Furthermore, the graphic details somehow makes me more comfortable with my sexuality at times.

Fizzyfiiz’s Haven: Hafiiz aims for his writings and drawings to serve as a muse to other. It’s an interesting world of posts to get into.

“Where Do Gaybies Come from?”: Jerry blogs about being a father of twins with his boyfriend, Drew. “I’m currently a stay-home Dad raising my kids full-time, but while they’re sleeping, I’m working on a memoir about our whole crazy story, tentatively titled WHERE DO GAYBIES COME FROM?”

Once again, thank you so much for reading and please keep following me on journey to discovering my roots.


I hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to comment, follow/tweet me on Twitter @JarrydK, or ask me questions anonymously at



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