The Light Behind the Closet Door

My one year anniversary of being out as gay was December 1st and it amazes me it has been that long. It feels like longer in so many ways! I grew to be comfortable with who I am with a peace and courage that wasn’t there before. There are certain questions and situations that came upContinue reading “The Light Behind the Closet Door”

Change Is Hard Yet . . .

Coming back this school year I thought things would be a lot easier than they are. I thought even though I am busy, I will be able to hang out with my friends a lot and I can handle all the other demands of homework, work, classes, extracurriculars and dating. However, change happens whether weContinue reading “Change Is Hard Yet . . .”

Inside My Romantic World

To love and be loved, is that what we all want? Most of my blog posts have barely scratched over the surface of my romantic/dating life for the reason we can all assume, but now I think it is time to cover this unknown part of my life. The past helps us understand the present andContinue reading “Inside My Romantic World”

Shows and actors to look out for!

  2010 has brought about a new favorite show for me and that is Covert Affairs! Covert Affairs centers around Annie Walker (played by Piper Perabo), who is a new CIA agent. In the words of executives and actors with Covert Affairs, this show is different in that it centers on a woman who happensContinue reading “Shows and actors to look out for!”