Change Is Hard Yet . . .

Coming back this school year I thought things would be a lot easier than they are. I thought even though I am busy, I will be able to hang out with my friends a lot and I can handle all the other demands of homework, work, classes, extracurriculars and dating. However, change happens whether we are ready for it or not and we have to adjust or stand frozen by fear.

The first obvious change this school year came with friendships. This is not freshman year anymore and friendships are requiring real work when it comes to scheduling and staying in touch. My best friend Danielle and I use to talk almost every single day and now that has scaled back. It isn’t either one of our faults so we are learning to adjust. This was really rough for me because I am use to sharing some of the smallest details of my day or helping her with things like “what do I want for dinner?” even though I am miles away. I am use to friends living in the resident hall right next door or running into them in  the dining hall or library and that isn’t happening as much these days. I am also at a loss for time to Skype friends at others school. But I am learning to make it all work out. As long as my friends don’t give up on me, I won’t give up on them.

Where I am with public relations amazes me. With being the FPRA professional liaison I am still baffled that I am an officer when a year ago I was new to FSU and still learning about PR from guest speakers. I still am learning but it’s crazy to me how much life changes in a year. In a month I will have my mentee while my mentor from last year lives her life as a professional in Chicago. I am organizing guest speakers and two back to back events for November and having to adjust my plans as new information or obstacles present themselves. At work I learn to adjust to the office changes and what is needed from me day-to-day along my approach to getting tasks done. In PR writing I am learning to change the way I write even though teachers taught me a different way for 19 years. It is quite frustrating from week to week but I am learning to go with the changes.

My dating mentality is so different from a year ago with now being out as gay. I’m learning to go with the flow more but to seize opportunities as they arise because if I try to plan ahead, it will probably change somehow anyways. There isn’t a special someone right now but that does not mean I don’t have my eye on someone while of course being open. I am learning to play the dating game smarter and with more patience. In all aspects of my life I want to know at the end of the day I did what made me happy but with dating I didn’t waste my time on someone who didn’t respect my time.

I may have a lot less time to watch my favorite television shows but that’s why Hulu is amazing. One of my favorite shows is Law & Order SVU and the show has lost Christopher Meloni as the lead male detective, Elliott Stabler. This ruins the Benson/Stabler duo fans have loved for years and many fans are refusing to watch the show with him gone. But I think change is exciting for the show. I love having old cast members back, the dynamics the new detectives add, and the new layers of emotions we are seeing from Mariska Hargitay as Olivia Benson. It is scary because it is the unfamiliar but still exciting. We can’t write off things because they take us out of our normal comfort zone.

This first month of school saw a lot of changes but I think I am finally adjusted to it. I could have held on to how things were last year but I am embracing  this school year for what it is. Life is constantly moving forward and that is how things stay fresh! Change is hard yet so exciting





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