Shows and actors to look out for!


2010 has brought about a new favorite show for me and that is Covert Affairs! Covert Affairs centers around Annie Walker (played by Piper Perabo), who is a new CIA agent. In the words of executives and actors with Covert Affairs, this show is different in that it centers on a woman who happens to work as a new CIA Agent and not a CIA agent who just happens to be a woman. Covert Affairs entertains you with its great cast and interesting characters that have dynamic relationships with each other. Piper Perabo plays her part well as we see into the CIA agent world and the deceit that goes into being an agent. Additionally, I like Kari Matchett as Annie Walker’s supervisor, Joan Campbell, because of the emotions and situations she handles as someone who is protecting along with manipulating Annie. Covert Affairs also gives us another outlet in which fulfill our fantasies of being the good guys saving the world in international settings, while still relating to the characters and their daily life struggles. If you missed out on this first season, watch it online and look out for the new season next summer! 

I am a huge admirer of Betty White. I say this for two reasons. One being because of the release today of the movie You Again in which she is acting. From the trailer, the movie at first seems like it will be a “chick flick” but then it definitely goes to show that it will be a great comedy, beyond being kind of girly, with many great actresses such as Sigourney Weaver and Kristin Bell. The second reason I mention Betty White is for the reason that she was on the premiere of the new season of Community. Community is about these adults from different areas of life that are going to community college. An important actor in this comedic show is Joel McHale from The Soup on E!. I never saw an episode of Community until this one with Betty White, but it did make me want to see some previous episodes out of curiosity. Betty White did not get too many obvious fun lines but at the end of the episode, Betty White fans receive some of the humor that we yearn for. 

Law and Order SVU has returned this week with a brand new season, season 12. Its premiere episode includes actress Jennifer Love Hewitt as a new victim in the SVU database. If you have never seen, Law and Order SVU, then you must give it a try because after watching a few episodes, you can only come to appreciate the great job of the actors and crews. Christopher Meloni as Elliot Stabler and Mariska Hargitay as Olivia Benson form this very unique chemistry that is the foundation of the show. In this show, we get not only get an insight into law and order for special victims but also the personal lives of the officers that work this unit. Even if in the past you have not liked the other Law and Order shows, this one will only make you love it after a few episodes.


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3 thoughts on “Shows and actors to look out for!

  1. Thanks for the comment! I love SVU so much! Someday if I have a boy and a girl I will name them Elliot and Olivia!

    Do you know if this is Christopher and Mariska’s last season??

    1. I didn’t hear anything until you just said something, so I looked it up. This is suppose to be Christopher Meloni’s last season according to an Australian newspaper in February but Christopher reported to US Magazine that this is NOT his last season and the rumors “are lies. All lies!” I had a scare there haha. I think when the show doesnt have him or Mariska, that may be the beginning of the end.

  2. Love Covert Affairs beyond I don’t know what! I am a little worried about Hollywood overusing Betty White to the point where shes no longer popular, but she herself is a strong actress. I’m sure she’ll keep her head above water.

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