Make It or Break It with Passion

As I slowly approach the application process for the Public Relations major here at Florida State University, I cannot help but feel that this can help make me or break me into a new direction. I think this is a mutual feeling we share about certain things in our life. 

“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”. I wish that with the studying and going to club meetings, this preparation work combined with the opportunity to come into my own here in the PR program will be luck for me. If I am not accepted into the program then I have to examine my college career which affects my future professional career. Although, Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. I came here to school in Tallahassee to lay the foundation of my future career in Public Relations through classes, networking, and absorbing everything that happens around me.I went to my first students’ FPRA meeting September 15th and my first professional’s FPRA meeting on the 16th. I am very excited for my second meeting this Wednesday with the FPRA Student Capital Chapter, especially since I am submitting a design for their new logo contest. I hope it is what the chapter wants! I haven’t truly designed anything since January, and doing this for FPRA once again roused my passion for PR. While I sat with the other PR interested students in the last meeting brainstorming topics that future guest speakers would discuss, it was like hearing the thoughts from my mind as event planning, international PR, and making it in a big city were thrown out there as ideas. Attending this meeting made me know deep inside that this is the career field I want to be a part of. In life, we have to have a passion for whatever we do and certainly in a professional sense.

At some point we all have to put ourselves out there, just as many great people before us have, to get what we want. We have to stay focused on our goals but remember to have fun on the journey of discovering our roots!


Published by Jarryd

I'm Jarryd. When we add a touch of bold to our story, we transform into the person we're meant to be and open doors to opportunities.

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