Find Positivity and Peace

Sometimes we focus too much on where we need to be or what we need to do in the future and not enough on the here and now. That is a paraphrased sentence I hear from my yoga teacher in the last few minutes of class before we meditate and relax. The truth is, every once in a while, we really need to stop what we are doing, take a deep breath and find the positive, peaceful place inside us.

Going on three weeks now, I have started taking a yoga class, not only to become more healthy, but also as a channel to release stress or tension I have, whether it be physical or mental. We all should find an outlet for ourselves, such as biking, walking, simple word searches, knitting, a game of solitaire, or playing a game of pool with friends every Friday. In the 30 minutes or hour it takes to have fun and a moment of  peace, we set ourselves up for a better next day or week  when it will to necessary think and plan for the future.

Before we realize it, the immediate future is the distant past. Life is to be lived and not taken for granted, because time passes by too quickly, especially the older we get.  Our most important relationship is the relationship we have with our self, thus we always need to remember to take care of that person. Every week, let’s agree to schedule that moment where we become closer to our roots, finding positivity and peace.


Published by Jarryd

I'm Jarryd. When we add a touch of bold to our story, we transform into the person we're meant to be and open doors to opportunities.

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