Grindr: This Wasn’t a Date. A Meet & Greet

About a month ago I decided I didn’t have anything to lose by putting myself out there in the social networking realm of dating. In my bold actions, I don’t have regrets. However, the time I spent getting to know one guy could’ve been spent hanging out with my friend that night. I learned aboutContinue reading “Grindr: This Wasn’t a Date. A Meet & Greet”

What We Deserve

Every school break I go home to what feels like some of the same family drama. One person has says something to annoy another, my little brother and sister of course fighting with each other and me starting out this trip home by knowing exactly how many days and hours this ordeal could last. WhatContinue reading “What We Deserve”

Find Positivity and Peace

Sometimes we focus too much on where we need to be or what we need to do in the future and not enough on the here and now. That is a paraphrased sentence I hear from my yoga teacher in the last few minutes of class before we meditate and relax. The truth is, every onceContinue reading “Find Positivity and Peace”