Writing Process Blog Tour

I was nominated to participate in the Writing Process Blog Tour by Rose Tran, with whom I attended high school. I thank you for inviting me to take part in this reflective process, which could not have come at a better time. Better yet, thank you for helping keep me be rooted in why IContinue reading “Writing Process Blog Tour”

Being 20-something via Thought Catalog

“If a brochure did exist, it would probably tell us this: You will make mistakes and do stupid things for as long as you live. What matters is how we use these to make us better people. At the same time, we’re young enough how to right those things that we did wrong—and to decideContinue reading “Being 20-something via Thought Catalog”

The Outs Is One Of The Reasons Why It’s Good To Be Gay Right Now

When you’re a part of any minority, it many times feels like there are few things that accurately portray your experiences, thoughts and questions of situations in the future. I may not live in NYC and have not been. . . yet. . . but I found The Outs to be very relatable. Over theContinue reading “The Outs Is One Of The Reasons Why It’s Good To Be Gay Right Now”

What We Deserve

Every school break I go home to what feels like some of the same family drama. One person has says something to annoy another, my little brother and sister of course fighting with each other and me starting out this trip home by knowing exactly how many days and hours this ordeal could last. WhatContinue reading “What We Deserve”

Why You Shouldn’t Text That Jerk Who Hasn’t Called You Back

It happened! You met a cutie at a party one weekend and got his/her number. You were confident, but aloof! Showing interest, but also saying I don’t know really need you. Except every part of you screamed, “Let’s hang out or go on a date! Whatever terminology you like to use cause I’m cool likeContinue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Text That Jerk Who Hasn’t Called You Back”