The Outs Is One Of The Reasons Why It’s Good To Be Gay Right Now

When you’re a part of any minority, it many times feels like there are few things that accurately portray your experiences, thoughts and questions of situations in the future.

I may not live in NYC and have not been. . . yet. . . but I found The Outs to be very relatable. Over the Thanksgiving holiday I discovered it and watched all six episodes from this first “season.” Still within my first year as a twenty-something, I could see this show excelling portraying the layers of emotions and situations we can deal with in life, but especially dating. This includes still yearning someone from your past at times, wanting the best for that person, seeking to make a certain person jealous and losing yourself at the least.

I encourage you to watch The Outs and enjoy this interview between the creator and Ryan O’Connell.


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