Being 20-something via Thought Catalog

“If a brochure did exist, it would probably tell us this: You will make mistakes and do stupid things for as long as you live. What matters is how we use these to make us better people. At the same time, we’re young enough how to right those things that we did wrong—and to decide which of these wrongs matter enough for us to correct.

Being 20-something isn’t an all-access-pass to an instantly perfect life—and maybe that’s a good thing. Because now more than ever, we can be as crazy as we want, make those insanely risky career choices, fall in and out of love, go to all the most awesome parties—and learn. Learn how to be a better 30-year-old than you were in your 20s. Learn to be a better 40-year-old than you were in your 30s. Keep learning. Keep enjoying life. Keep becoming better and brighter.”

Read more: My 20s Is Nothing Like It Said On The Brochure | Thought Catalog.


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