Why You Shouldn’t Text That Jerk Who Hasn’t Called You Back

It happened! You met a cutie at a party one weekend and got his/her number. You were confident, but aloof! Showing interest, but also saying I don’t know really need you. Except every part of you screamed, “Let’s hang out or go on a date! Whatever terminology you like to use cause I’m cool like that!”

At the end of the night, one of you has to leave, so y’all exchange numbers. The next day the two of you talk and things seem to go well. You’re not pushing things though, because people are weird about anything but hooking up. Nothing against those who like to just hook up, but you’re looking for something with true substance.

It’s a couple of days later and this person that caught your eye doesn’t reply to your text/call.

Thought Catalog has become a new favorite obessesion of mine. Here are some words of wisdom to mull over about Mr./Ms. Too Good to Reach Out to You.

Why You Shouldn’t Text That Jerk Who Hasn’t Called You Back « Thought Catalog.

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