“It’s My New York”

2012 is proving to be a powerful year for me with new experiences and self-examination of everything surrounding me. We all have those people who irk us just by opening their mouths, the moment we question the college dating world, and the time we assess continuing activities from high school. Traveling to Boston in late February with my public relations student group was a marvelous and insightful experience as I once again walked the streets from two and half years ago.

Monday night: I walk back and forth across my room trying to figure out what I need to bring. I pick out what clothes I will wear after we visited PR agencies many days ago. What shirt ad ties will I wear though? Let me look through my FPRA pictures from other trips. I can’t risk taking pictures in the same ones. Who would notice. . .well me. I’m anxious. . .nervous, but this is good. I’m excited. For weeks I didn’t know if this trip would be what I wanted it to be. However, this excitement I feel now is telling me, I was right about Boston as a high school senior, it wasn’t a one-time fluke.

Tuesday morning: Sitting on the silver train into the city from the airport, certain things like navigating the other trains comes back to me instantly. Melanie and I will check into the hotel then meet her friend that goes to Boston University for lunch. It’s only fitting that I go back to the scene of the crime immediately.

Walking around BU I remember these streets and restaurants distinctly! There is the Charles River, across the street are the freshmen residence halls, Warren Towers, and here is the College of Communication.


Laura joins us and we decide to go “shopping” at the Harvard Law School. As we walk down the street, a seemingly gay college student stares into my eyes. It’s creepy. Did I imagine that? No, Melanie saw that too. I’m not interested, but thanks for showing interest in me.

As Melanie, Laura and I sit at Legal Seafood for dinner, everything feels right. Look at us college students, having a nice evening dinner. We chat up the waiter. “I’m a great wingman,” I tell the girls as he walks away. “If you don’t leave your number, I will for you.” I love this city. It’s only the end of the first day, but it has been fantastic. I’m bonding with two people I didn’t know that well, but now I consider them friends . . . maybe on the road to close friends. .  .Will we be close friends by the time we leave this city? It’s time to get back to the hotel for the group meeting.

Wednesday dinner: It’s been a good day overall. We only had one agency visit, but tomorrow will be jam-packed with them. The 20 of us are split up at two tables. Suggestions for appetizers are thrown out for dinner. Lobster mac and cheese seems to be the entrée of choice by many. Somehow we end up talking about dating, but it’s a great conversation. How did we end up on this? Oh yeah, they asked me if I think the waiter is gay. No, he isn’t. The water is really flowing. Why are we so thirsty? I’m really getting a feel for everyone’s personality. In this moment I decide I never want to leave this city.

8:45 a.m. Thursday – Starbucks: Christina is running a little late. I hope she doesn’t mind this table. Some people leave; I change tables. She was very charismatic when speaking at Porter Novelli yesterday. I’m thrilled she agreed to meet with me when I emailed her immediately after the visit. Here she is. The train had problems. Today she doesn’t have the glasses on. Ugh, I forgot my jacket at the other table. We order drinks and immediately jump into things. She says she felt like we made a connection when we made eye contact as she spoke. I felt that way too. She was a thespian in high school too. Her mom raised her and her two siblings by herself too. How interesting! She gives me advice on maneuvering the college world for the next two years. I agree, I can’ fall into the drama that surrounds me. I just have to do me. The Zimmerman Agency is giving me great experience I should stick with, but at the same time, I should look for other experience in my spare time, even if it’s helping in a different office for a week. Just to be well-rounded. “I consider myself your mentor now.” She read my mind of what I wanted. This is like a fantastic first date! She compliments me, I admire her, we have a similar background and she is truthful with me. She understands me. I shouldn’t focus on the small details to make my life perfect, but just map out things and have fun. It’s been like an hour before we know it. She already pushed a project deadline for 10 a.m. to meet with me, and I have to go meet the group for our 10:30 a.m. visit. We’ll be in touch.

Thursday dinner: Amelia, Laura and I are exhausted. A long day, but a lot of fun and knowledge. We’re happy the Italian man invited us in for dinner. It’s a nice, intimate atmosphere and everyone is so nice. We compare notes about all the agencies. Today’s visits showed me different areas of Boston, but I loved them. We could go to the bar with everyone and watch the FSU basketball game, but we’re too tired. As we walk out, we decide we must go to Mike’s Pastry one more time. I still have a cannoli from Tuesday, but I will get some cookies. We ride on the subway quietly.

Friday night: The water and dreariness outside my residence hall show it’s been raining all day. What a way to return to Tallahassee. It turns out I was sitting next to Christian Ponder on the flight in. Hmm, it’s kind of sad I didn’t know, but whatever. Boston gave me a lot to think about.

I realized after this trip, I have to dream. I have to know my worth. I have to have fun. This is my life. With friends and dating, I don’t have time to waste on jerks or people who don’t care enough. There are other potential friends and dates in the sea. Why whine over the ones who don’t want to or don’t try hard enough to hang out with you. There are plenty of people who would love to laugh and smile with you as you walk down streets or eat pasta. Why waste time doing things that don’t give you a lot of enjoyment when you could be using that time elsewhere.

Don’t focus on the perfect and the small details. The small details can come later. Have fun. Put variety in your life.

Be brave and be open. When you’re brave and open, you can have a new friend, a new cutie, a new mentor or a few stories for your next friend date.

My mom and I talk Sunday. She asks, “How was Boston?” I answer, “It was fantastic!!” “It was what?” “It was fantastic!” “I haven’t heard you say that in a long time.”

I flash back to the group meeting Tuesday. Morgan says she knows a lot of people want to end up in NYC, but Boston is great. I interject, “It’s my New York.”


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