A Look Back at Sexy, Party, WOW, a Flashback and Trust

 This is my past week in photos and some of the lessons I’m experiencing. My high school friend/faithful yoga partner and I kicked off trying to get back into a yoga routine. The hard part is finding a teacher that fits our style. This year is all about being “sexy juniors.” But maybe it’s reallyContinue reading “A Look Back at Sexy, Party, WOW, a Flashback and Trust”

Cruise Control

        When I was in high school I volunteered and was a member of a lot of things whether, Drama Club, Student Government, or Junior Civitan. I kept going and going every day with involvement in all these groups and I had fun. First semester of college was an adjustment period. Your world changes andContinue reading “Cruise Control”

Oh the Places We’ll Go

As I sit in my Tallahassee apartment, I look back at the beginning of the school year and how much life changed since then. I learned so much about life and was able to have some great experiences. I remember in August when my mom left in the car to go back to Pensacola andContinue reading “Oh the Places We’ll Go”

Find Positivity and Peace

Sometimes we focus too much on where we need to be or what we need to do in the future and not enough on the here and now. That is a paraphrased sentence I hear from my yoga teacher in the last few minutes of class before we meditate and relax. The truth is, every onceContinue reading “Find Positivity and Peace”