A Look Back at Sexy, Party, WOW, a Flashback and Trust

 This is my past week in photos and some of the lessons I’m experiencing.

My high school friend/faithful yoga partner and I kicked off trying to get back into a yoga routine. The hard part is finding a teacher that fits our style. This year is all about being “sexy juniors.” But maybe it’s really all about being happy with our lives and finding balance. Either way, yoga makes it better!

I have to take time to remember I’m just a college student. With a couple of close friends by my side, we went to a coworker’s birthday party. All three of us are learning to have faith in who we are. Goods were baked, great music was played, cuties were noticed, friends were made and drama ensued (inspiring this past week’s blogposts).

At our PR agency, we make the world say, WOW!” This week I’ve dressed up four days in a row in ties. You can never have enough dress shirts in the PR world! I’m pretty sure my tie was a little too tight Wednesday night, thus my hot flashes and headaches. . .

A college boy has to eat in between classes in the middle of the day. I had a childhood flashback with these Barnum Animal Crackers!

Trustworthy friends are hard to come by but to keep them since freshman year, that is a plus! They will always be honest with me and keep me in place, along with being some of the funniest people to be around. This is my wolfpack! This feels like love!

Kaley actually started her own blog this past week: The Girl with the Bun.

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