Finding Roots – A Sweet Two Years

Today is the second anniversary of writing Finding Roots! When I started this blog, I didn’t know what to expect, or who would really read it. It turned into a vulnerable, beautiful process allowing me to be connect with others, find myself and be honest.

Below are the top five posts of my blog that helped bring me to this point.

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Who’s That Boy?

37 hours ago I was looking at being on the path I have imagined for over a year now. I would get my email saying something to the effects of “Congratulations you are accepted to the Public Relations program” but more formal and drawn out as all acceptance letters are. Instead in one email, my whole life plan was damaged as I went into a state of numbness and disbelief but let me mention that this happens as I walk to my Introduction to Public Relations class.

The Light Behind the Closet Door

My one year anniversary of being out as gay was December 1st and it amazes me it has been that long. It feels like longer in so many ways! I grew to be comfortable with who I am with a peace and courage that wasn’t there before.

There are certain questions and situations that came up during my coming out and in the last year that I think are quite common. . .

Working Boy Lessons

Eight months into working in the public relations world, I am learning these great lessons that apply to anyone, but especially those in the PR world. . .

It’s Just Chicken

In the Tallahassee, and more specifically Florida State University area, the Chik-fil-a debate has been ongoing for the last year with protest of allowing this establishment on campus. While I do think this is a complicated matter, what boils my blood is hearing from people “It’s just chicken” or “It’s delicious so what does it matter.” Read this next part slowly, taking everything in. . .

“He Has a Crush on You”

As time unravels for me to know you more, I come to like what I see on the outside and especially on the inside even more. The validity of this crush is unsubstantiated. Your sexuality is still unproven but I’m sure it works in my favor. Tell me. Just me. That’s all I need. . .


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