I want people to reflect back on me one day and think that among other things, I was someone willing to take risks – especially with friendships and dating. That even if I didn’t really know someone, but had the slightest interest in them, I put myself out there.

I’ve learned, so what we aren’t friends anymore, we had some amazing fun times. Let’s honor that time together.

Yeah, I do think he is cute. I’m going to ask him to hang out.

He didn’t reply that text or message? Oh well, I don’t really know him that well anyway. Obviously, something is wrong with him. I’m totally handsome and hot.

She doesn’t make the effort in being friends anymore? Well I don’t want to be the only one putting in all the work. But the initial risk that led to us hanging out has already been repaid.

The risk has a thrill about it. I never know what can happen when I put myself out there. A new prospect. A new friend. Maybe a rejection. If anything, it’s another story for a friend to hear over a dinner and that – that my dear is worth it.


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