Wheels Up!

As the plane sat on the Jacksonville airport runway to NYC, I took everything out of my lap and braced myself for what was to come. One my favorite things about flying is the moment where you’re taking off and for a couple of seconds, the front wheel is in the air and the backContinue reading “Wheels Up!”

The Verge

My clothes slowly start to fill my bag as I pack for my first trip to New York City. As I left my Pride board meeting I started to realize how much I’ll miss these people I work with in being gone just a week. I feel overcome with awe by the fact I’m onContinue reading “The Verge”

Friday Musings

Friday is finally here. Let’s take a look back at my past week and what’s caught my eye in the entertainment world. Wednesday was the first Florida Public Relations Association Tallahassee Student Chapter meeting of the year! If it weren’t for this group, two years ago, I never would’ve met some of my closest friendsContinue reading “Friday Musings”

Tuxedo Dreams

I’m convinced that if I were straight I would’ve had the most creative ideas for asking a girl out to prom. Would I still be this creative if I was straight? The world will never know. I didn’t think about this until a friend asked for help in asking a girl to prom. He hadContinue reading “Tuxedo Dreams”


My phone lies by me as I wait. Will the green light blink indicating I somehow missed a call or text in the one second I took to get water? Will my desk harshly vibrate saying this is the moment I’ve been waiting for? I truly despise waiting. When I have a date or timeContinue reading “Encounter”

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

  There is an excitement I get from waking up one morning and knowing that I am going out-of-town that day. Even though I would be very sleepy, I loved waking up before sunrise in Pensacola and heading to the airport. The city would be calm and I knew a day of adventure and thinking was aheadContinue reading “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”