Friday Musings

Friday is finally here. Let’s take a look back at my past week and what’s caught my eye in the entertainment world.

Wednesday was the first Florida Public Relations Association Tallahassee Student Chapter meeting of the year! If it weren’t for this group, two years ago, I never would’ve met some of my closest friends and people I care about so much about. I also probably wouldn’t be working at Zimmerman or have a renewed love for Boston.

Everyone who works with me or hangs around me enough knows that I still love Rihanna’s “We Found Love!” I’m so happy Robyn (Rihanna) won the MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year. The video excites me every time I see it! I love the soul, energy and visuals used in this video. Winning this award doesn’t make me seem so crazy for still being obsessed with it!

One of my other favorite musical divas is Leona Lewis. Her voice is absolute beauty to me! She is one of those voices that doesn’t need any special effects or instruments. Momentum is picking up on her new album coming out, Glasshearts, and she released this live version of the latest hit to be released from this album. I want her to sing at my wedding.

Fall at FSU really kicked off with the President’s Backyard BBQ full of food and entertainment. My personal favorite, Big Easy Snowballs, slung garnet and gold snowballs for us.


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