Planes, Trains & Automobiles


There is an excitement I get from waking up one morning and knowing that I am going out-of-town that day. Even though I would be very sleepy, I loved waking up before sunrise in Pensacola and heading to the airport. The city would be calm and I knew a day of adventure and thinking was ahead as I would sit on the airplanes and connect in airports. Traveling through any mode gives me a chance to be almost removed from time. I get to observe, maybe meet, people from different walks of life and a chance to think about what is going on in my life. It overall gives a type of comfort that’s like solidarity at times but even better.

Through my many travels on planes with Junior Civitan, I came to understand this ease and security others get from being next to a stranger headed to the same destination. At the very least we end up sharing the details of where we are going and why. A lot of times though we talk about the good and bad in the relationships we have with the people who are at our destination. If fortunate, that person will share their passions with us and we discover new things. We see the love, the hurt, the anxiety, and the excitement in each other’s eyes. People will tell things knowing that you most likely won’t see them again. I love the lessons we learn, such as doing a job that makes you happy in life, being fulfilled in your marriage, and being happy for someone else who has something you don’t. These are conversations we may not be able to have otherwise.

When I’m stressed, one of my favorite things  to do is travel. I am able to get away from my routine or a situation that is bothering me. When en route I am one with my thoughts and look out at the world around me. . .I just enjoy the ride. Even more I love the thrill. I like the excitement of being on an adventure and getting to experience the world. In the morning I could be watching the sunrise in Pensacola and watching the sunset on a charter bus in Canada.In one moment I might be riding in a car and riding the train with a city’s natives in the next. As much as I love interacting with people every day, it’s rivaled by the exhilaration and independence I feel by conquering a city through walking or by being with my thoughts as I sit on a bus looking at the city I am in.

There is a comfort that I receive from traveling and will want to experience through life. The more people I am able to learn from along with the more I get to contemplate and experience the world, I think the richer my life will be.


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