Around the Bend

As I washed dishes last night, I thought about the 8 am class I was substitute teaching this morning and how tired I would be with less sleep. Then, I thought how I will handle the busy schedule I have this fall? The answer is simple. The same way I handled everything thus far; with that inner drive and energy that says, “You can do it! You may need to learn to sleep in more in the weekends but you can do it!”

Journalist Diane Sawyer on her episode of OWN’s Master Class talks about how she will be on a flight to another country and think “I can’t do this! This is the day I just can’t do it anymore” Then she opens up the folder in front of her and before she knows it, she has a fourteen questions. She is all “fuel”ed up! That spoke to me in so many ways.

Watch the Clip: Diane Sawyer \”Curiosity Is Fuel\”

There are days where I wonder what have I gotten myself into? I just need to take a backseat to things. This is tiring! Afterward I’m working on a project and I haven’t been sure what to do or plans haven’t come together. Suddenly, a plan hits me and I’m fueled up! I will pull out my Mead notebook or pull up the internet and I’m working away.

With this week being my last week teaching, I thought this morning how relieving that is in so many ways. How I am so stressed sometimes in class. Then as I read over my students’ stories today, I felt more proud with every sentence that went by. . . of how far they come and when we went over simple mistakes, they realized what was wrong as soon as I pointed to that part in the sentence. This is the moment I waited for.

I live for those days at work in Tallahassee where it seems like it will be a “normal” day and the bell rings in the PR building and I get a chance to hear about the latest accomplishment or trip of the “big kids” at work in a meeting.  Those moments where I worked with the other officers on a club meeting for a few weeks and I don’t know how it will turn out but the meeting starts and I’m presenting. I look around and see people smiling, interested, or mingling and I know this is the moment I worked towards. When I see someone else’s dream come true or exciting friendships form.

Everyone has something that keeps them going. For Diane Sawyer it is curiosity. For a singer it is the moment they perfectly let out a song. For me it is when “I can see what’s around the bend,” and I am actually there. I might be a little tired but I know I accomplished something great so I’m ready for the next day, the next challenge.


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