. . .And a Dollar Short

Besides their heart, the best gift someone can give you is their time. I try to avoid being late at all costs because you are making someone wait on you and I never cancel the moment I am suppose to be meeting with someone (that I can remember). One of my top pet peeves is when I feel that someone wasted my time by making me wait a really long time and by being inconsiderate that I could have planned something else completely or gotten something else finished in that time.

Everyone’s time is valuable. When someone calls you or doesn’t call you. . .to tell you that they are doing something else instead, it makes you feel horrible. More so when it happens repeatedly. You feel like you aren’t a priority in their life. No one deserves that right to make you feel inferior in that way.

One of my friends started to date this guy she really liked. He would text that he will meet her in 10 minutes after stopping somewhere really quick. Well 10 turns in 15 and 15 turns into an hour later. One time he also called thirty minutes after they already scheduled to meet when he knew HOURS ago that he was going to be late. This is so rude to do to someone! Be honest about your schedule and be respectful of someone else’s time! Life does get in the way sometimes and that is understandable but think about how mad you would be if someone did it to you.

One of my new lessons from this summer is “If you don’t want me, I don’t want you.” This works for your personal and professional life. If you don’t want to hang out with me or you’re busy, that is totally fine but I won’t wait around for you and don’t try to play scheduling games. I just want my time respected. I love to hang out with people and get to know people. However, if I notice someone being flaky, then I lose faith when they try to schedule something with me. They have to show that they can be trusted in this way again.

When you start to be late all the time or the person who always cancels, in your friends’ book, you are always a day late and a dollar short. . .


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