I Snooze, I Lose

I didn’t expect to have a story related to dating so soon but it is crazy how timing works out. When we wait to grasp something we want until later, many times we lose our chance. Friday night I was proactive but it was a little too late.

Last semester I developed a crush on a boy from Miami in my public relations class. I had intentions of asking him out but the couple of times I planned to after class, he wasn’t there or the timing to get to him didn’t work out. When the semester came to a close I wished I would have just did it and not cared about who may have been around or rejection.

Friday night when I was at Menace Beach, a dance night, in Tallahassee, I saw him, PR boy. I knew I had this opportunity again but I didn’t know if I should take it. It was a crush from last semester. Should I drop it or go after him? After some time, I told a friend of mine the overall predicament and she encouraged me to ask him to dance. When I noticed him off to himself for a second, I decided that was my chance to go up to him. After yelling the question of would you like to dance twice, PR boy said he couldn’t; he has a boyfriend with a little sad face.

I didn’t feel bad though. Slightly disappointed but not really sad. An hour ago I didn’t know that this would be happening. Who knows what would have happened if I asked PR boy out last semester but all that matters is the opportunities of today.

Today I wonder what is ahead dating wise. I have been so busy with work, classes, and the clubs I am in to where dating isn’t a huge priority to me. However, I hope there is a special guy close by. I am a little fearful of being hurt this year and I don’t want my kindness abused. This year I know my work even more, as we all should. I adopted the quote of, “If you don’t want me, I won’t allow myself to want you,” but I am quite contemplative, fearful, and hopeful for what lies ahead.

Patience has never been my best virtue but things are going at the pace they need to. I have a good feeling about what is ahead. If there is some guy out there interested in me or someone reading this wanting to ask a cutie out, I hope you will take my advice: when you have an opportunity, be proactive and be the early bird that catches the worm.


I hope you have enjoyed this post! Feel free to comment, email me, or ask me questions anonymously at http://formspring.com/jarrydboyd.


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I'm Jarryd. When we add a touch of bold to our story, we transform into the person we're meant to be and open doors to opportunities.

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