Whose Voice Is That??

Sometimes I put myself down. It’s something we all do! Sometimes we think we are fat, we are ugly or we are not worthy of something. A lack of yoga and success with dating definitely leaves me feeling down at times. A few weeks ago I watched Oprah’s Lifeclass and life coach Cheryl Richardson addressed this issue on the webcast. Ever since that webcast, my mindset transformed.

We become what we believe. I know that the thoughts I have and the energy I put out is what I actually will be. When a dating attempt goes awry I think maybe I’m not cute enough. Maybe he has his eye on someone else cuter. And I am self-sabotaging myself! I am pulling myself into the gutter and that is a horrible thing to do. From Cheryl I learned that when I have those negative thoughts to stop and say, “Whose voice is that?? That is not my voice!” It sounded great in theory but I didn’t know if could actually work. Tonight I walked back to my hall and I found myself being negatively critical of myself. I had to stop and ask myself that and say you are good the way you are.

Cheryl believes our negative thoughts can be traced back to someone else telling us those thoughts or making us feel that way. I believe that is so true! My thoughts manifest from elementary school and not feeling good enough and from my seventh grade who had a little extra weight and didn’t feel attractive. Naturally we all believe we are a good person physically, mentally and emotionally but outside voices get to us. When we lose our pure inner voice, we do come off as ugly or mean because that is the energy we give off.

It is really hard at times to feel I am attractive or I am pretty funny or I am a catch. However to not believe that I am any of those things hurts me more than it helps me. Cheryl Richardson’s concept truly helps shape my life now. At the end of the day I know I am all of those things and more! I can’t let any guy, friend, or stranger let me feel any less than that because “I become what I believe.”


To watch the webcast on becoming what you believe, click below:

Cheryl Richardson Webcast: You Become What You Believe


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