Miss Advised;)

Miss Advised is one of my newest summer obsessions. Just when I didn’t know how I was going to fill my weekday show slots with most of my favorites being on vacation, these three ladies come into my life.  I sit watching it while Facebook chatting my friend about her crush problems. I feel reassured in my feelings that sometimes we just have to risk it all when we have feelings for the person making us smile.

We’re all guilty of being unable to hold those feelings in any more. Then we blurt them out to the one catching our eye. It makes some couples happen and pushes some friendships a part. Personally, I love being straight forward but where has it gotten me. . . If we’re straight forward that we have an interest in each other, we will be mysterious, flirty and fun as things progress. We can still take things show but clear the air

My fellow straight-forward talkers, we have to learn to play the game, even if we don’t want to. We have to learn to sometimes hone our inner blabber mouth until the proper times.

But then again, when does someone you have a crush on, that reciprocates the feelings, ever complain about one of you finally speaking up? Also, who complains about receiving too many texts from their crush?

Basically, all I’m saying is the dating world is difficult. Who really knows how to pursue their crush. Sometimes we just have to lay out all our cards on the table. Or let’s just watch these three Miss Advised ladies entertain us with their dating adventures. Cringing with embarrassment at things we know we are guilty of is likely though.

I’m buckled in with a front-row seat for this show!


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